Attorno al corpo di Eluana Englaro

Attorno al corpo di Eluana Englaro

In January 1992 Eluana Englaro, at the age of 21, remained victim of an accident in the street and for seventeen years she has lived in a vegetative state.
On February 9th 2009, she died in Udine consequently to the decision of suspending her artificial and assisted nutriment.
Her body has been object of a battle that from the meat has reached other contexts, swallowing consciences, public opinion, weak legislation and stratified humanity.
This body, silent, immovable, hidden to looks and caresses has naked that thiny border, weak, between life, death and freedom of choice.
From italy to Europe, through hands, eyes, voices and connections, voices and connections, this project ‘On Eluana Englaro’s body’ has been welcomed also in Bruxelles because from words, meanings and symbols, it is possible to recover what bodies are, what they represent and what that particular body has left, whispered to everyone amongst us.


‘On Eluana Englaro’s body’ – the project

At the beginning of this project, it is urgent the need to contrast a forgetful habit in Italy in order to recover something back in our hands
This project goes round ‘on Eluana Englaro’s body’. A body which has been transformed into epicentre of facts, reasoning’s, national and local debates, private and mediated ones, legislative intervention of different nature, declarations, crashes.
Many amongst political, religious authorities, mass media, have been participating. Marco Rovelli wrote on the “Unità” of 14/02/2009:

“And from that body, then, it is necessary to restart, if there is space enough, here and now, to reconstruct a community of people and not that one of owners.”

Demetrio Paolin wrote on ‘the body and the rite’. Notes on Eluana Englaro (On ‘Corpo morto e corpo vivo’ di Giulio Mozzi -Transeuropa, 4/11/2009):

“Eluana body laid forgot and its silence would have continued to grown until the total and final one of the last months.”

This project recovers events, threads of a recent past, events apparently concluded with a death, but that remain up to now, suspended, laboriously tied up to events with no direct impact on life of a single family, of a single body. Events that became words, images, thesis, instruments and symbols.

Because Eluana Englaro’s body – perhaps – has not still gone.


Barbara Gozzi
October, 2009


Il progetto è nato nel 2009. E’ stato un lavoro che ha richiesto tempo, miscelazioni creative ed artistiche, spunti e angolazioni. Oltre a molte ricerche, collaborazioni, approfondimenti e ascolti. L’intento non è mai stato dare risposte, piuttosto il contrario: aprire orizzonti.

E’ diventato performance nel 2010 a Bruxelles e a Bologna.

Dalla fine del 2009 la trattazione saggistica ̬ stata divulgata su AgoraVox con un intervento inedito di Piero Bocchiaro Рresearch fellow at Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam.

Al progetto hanno collaborato Francesco Forlani con una video istallazione e Lorenzo Palloni con le tavole grafiche del racconto inedito ‘Pelle’.

Parts of a body - photo by Barbara Gozzi


Evento a Bruxelles: link ai video della serata.

Face to Face di Francesco Forlani.

Pdf free con le tavole grafiche di Lorenzo Palloni e alcuni stralci narrativi del racconto ‘Pelle’.

Il Cap.X del racconto ‘Pelle online.

Le pubblicazioni su AgoraVox:
I°    parte;
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– III° parte;
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VI°  parte;
VII° parte.


La fotografia in questo articolo fa parte del progetto sperimentale fotografico ‘Parts of body’, agosto 2012

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